Design for London

Design for London & Harrow Borough Council

Michael Corr worked as a senior urban designer and advisor with Design for London, in the London Mayors design advisory team at the Greater London Authority. Michael worked on a range of projects that included the All London Green Grid and the Mayors Great Spaces Initiative, advising on a series of exemplar public space projects across the capital.

Michael worked directly with Harrow Borough Council, assisting the planning team to produce the Harrow Area Action Plan, ‘Heart of Harrow’ which set out the delivery of 2500 new homes, new employment and industry up to 2026, describing the future of the Harrow and Wealdstone. Michael worked within the planning team at Harrow, the GLA and the HCA to set out the key objectives of the Action Plan.

Michael worked with the planning team in Harrow advising on major projects at pre and post planning applications stages and oversaw the delivery of major public realm works within the borough, such as the development of Station Road by David Kohn Architects, from concept to completion.